Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearwater, FL

Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearwater, FL

Attorney Olney handles misdemeanor and felony defense cases

Olney Law, P.A. takes all types of criminal law cases in Clearwater, Florida. Attorney Olney doesn't shy away from a case, no matter how severe the crime. He'll meet with you to learn the details of your charge and build a strong case in your favor. Whether you've been charged with trespassing or arson, you can count on him to defend your rights aggressively.

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5 reasons to choose attorney Olney

When you're uncertain about your future, turn to Olney Law to discover the best possible outcome for your case. Here are five reasons to hire attorney Olney:

  • He's skilled in handling any type of criminal offense.
  • He's been practicing law since 1982.
  • He's practiced as both a prosecutor and a defender.
  • He'll work hard to develop a convincing counterargument for your charge.
  • He's dedicated to protecting your freedom.
Trust him to help you maintain your reputation. Contact Olney Law today to discuss your case with a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Clearwater, Florida.